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VR MedicalSim is a leading company specialized in XR (Extended Reality) medical simulation training.

Extended Reality Medical sImulation training

VRPatients - EMS

EMS educators and trainers need a customizable, immersive tool that improves student and practitioner success without a massive price tag or coding expertise.  VRpatients solves that problem with a scalable solution at a lower cost than any competitor; ensuring your VR sim solution grows with your curriculum.


With VRpatients, you can:

  • objectively assess the clinical judgment of new hires to ensure their clinical competency
  • deploy unlimited, rapid response training at any time, from anywhere.
  • assess the mastery of new skills.

What makes VRpatients so different?


VRpatients gives you access to limitless case scenarios that awaken your students’ intellect. Our intuitive authoring tool has the unmatched ability to create content tailored to your specific training objectives. This can be done by modifying existing content or by building new scenarios altogether.

The VRpatients application also features:


Consistent training: Using protocols predetermined by the trainer, the platform reacts to the chosen course of treatment in real time, providing a consistent experience from user to user.

Limitless case scenarios: The intuitive medical case authoring tool allows users the unmatched ability to modify existing content or create new content tailored to specific training objectives.

Objective assessments: VRpatients provides a computer generated assessment of the user’s treatment decisions immediately at the conclusion of each case, eliminating trainer subjectivity.

Increased efficiency & reduced costs: Virtual reality training can be done wherever there is WiFi, and in a shorter timeframe.

The Future of Medical Training.

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