VR MedicalSIM

VR MedicalSim is a leading company specialized in XR (Extended Reality) medical simulation training.

Extended Reality Medical sImulation training

Virtual Medicine

The most intuitive VR Anatomy experience on the market

The Human Anatomy VR is easy to use and does not need previous experience with the virtual reality.

Virtual Medicine: innovating the education of future healthcare professionals

Virtual Medicine has created the most advanced, multi-award winning medical anatomy platform crossing Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR) for medical education. Human Anatomy VR is the only product on the market that provides full VR anatomical atlas combined with advanced 3D VR DICOM viewer.

Utilizing mobile and tablet devices or VR headsets, this powerful technology enables augmentation or replacement of student time in a dissection room with a cadaver. The available enterprise license enables a VR shared experience between an instructor and authorized participants/students in a socially distanced format.


Extended Reality Medical sImulation training

Human Anatomy VR

Human Anatomy VR delivers the most immersive human anatomical experience available, specially designed for medical and nursing schools, universities, healthcare systems, medical associations, libraries and healthcare practitioners. Participants can share knowledge across their system using Multi-User collaboration mode. Feature rich content ouf our application is delivered in a deeply engaging experience with excellent graphics and innovative presentation.


The Future of Medical Training.

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