Markerless Motion Capture

Unique natural animations and non-verbal communications

This makes it possible to track multiple participants in real-time, without markers.

It makes it possible to have realtime Fullbody tracking Finger tracking Facial tracking

This accessibility and flexibility is transforming the XR simulation, entertainment and science industries and revolutionizing the way motion capture is used.


The motion capture software from Captury allows for the cost-effective creation of high quality natural avatar animations; that otherwise wouldn't be possible or very expensive, to develop

Tailormade animations

This means that we are able to create tailormade character animations; which includes natural movement and postures (fullbody tracking), natural and specific hand gestures (finger tracking) and humanlike facial expressions (facial tracking).

Both for realtime simulation training; or for integration in to education and simulation training.

Lets have a look

Fullbody tracking

Fullbody tracking captures detailed movements of the entire body, providing a comprehensive understanding of human motion

Finger tracking

Finger tracking enables the tracking, and analysis, of finger movements without the need for physical markers

Facial tracking

Facial tracking is an innovative technology that digitally records and translates the nuanced movements of a person's face into a digital database without the need for physical markers.

Specific use cases

Non-verbal communication

This allows us to create high-quality humanlike facial expressions and non-verbal communication

Tailormade virtual character animations

This allows us to create high-quality, unique avatar animations, tailormade for specific use-cases, that are otherwise (to) expensive or impossible to make

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