Welcome to VR MedicalSIM, where passion meets innovation in the realm of Medical Extended Reality (XR). Our mission is to revolutionize medical training and simulation through cutting-edge Extended Reality (XR) technology.


My name is Martien Strik, i am a Critical Care nurse with more then 15 years experience.

I have witnessed, first hand, the importantance of good quality medical education and simulation training.

It can make the difference between life or death

Why i founded VR MedicalSIM

One of the scariest moments I have experienced as a nurse was as the father of a 4 year old son who had several prolonged seizures lasting longer than 45 minutes. The powerlessness I felt then; I never want to experience that again

Fortunately, it ended well, which was partly due to the professional care of the ambulance and emergency room staff

My goal

Al these experiences have given me the absolute convinction that there can be no compromises in healthcare education and simulation training; i am convinced that Extended Reality has a lot of potential; that can revolutionize the way we learn, and teach. 

Unique position

Besides a Critical Care nurse and medical educator; i consider myself also an expert in Extended Reality; which gives me the unique perspective from both sides.

I founded VR MedicalSIM to contribute in improving the standards of medical education and simulation training; this way we can strive to the best possible quality of patient care and prevent unnecessary patient death and suffering.

We are here to provide you with innovative medical XR solutions as your trusted partner

I would like to invite you in an unique journey in to the endless possibilities of Extended Reality