VR MedicalSIM

VR MedicalSim is a leading company specialized in XR (Extended Reality) medical simulation training.

Extended Reality Medical sImulation training

HealthScholars - Operating Room

Prepare yourself to tackle operating room emergencies

Minimize tragedy to the best of your ability by training for operating room emergencies. Bring it from an emergency to a success story.


Fire in the OR

Real-to-life fire training at your fingertips

An estimated 600 OR fires occur annually, with nearly 10% causing serious injuries or even death. Be prepared to act when the unthinkable occurs.

Malignant Hyperthermia

Build confident perioperative providers in the face of malignant hyperthermia

Demonstrate recognition of early signs and symptoms of malignant hyperthermia (MH) and identify and discontinue MH triggering agent quickly and efficiently.

PASS/RACE Fire Safety Training

Realistically manage a simulated operating room fire as smoke fills the room

Learn and practice how to extinguish a fire and lead your team in the rescue of a patient. Learn and practice the PASS and RACE acronyms then follow up with a realistic simulation for both scenarios. Provides a virtual, zero-risk, environment to practice and learn critical patient fire management skills.

The Future of Medical Training.

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