Markerless Motion Capture


What is Motion Capture?

Motion capture technology is a technique used to record the movement of objects or individuals in real-time.

It involves capturing the precise motion of objects or living entities and translating that data into a digital format. This technology is widely used in various fields, including entertainment, sports, and medicine.

Motion Capture
It is commonly used to create realistic animations for movies and video games, enabling lifelike character movements. In healthcare, it plays a role in Virtual Reality (VR) medical simulations, enhancing training scenarios with realistic human-like actions.
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What is Markerless Motion Capture?

Markerless motion capture technology utilizes advanced computer vision algorithms to overlay a virtual skeleton on a person (or persons) for precise movement, and posture, tracking.

The virtual skeleton dynamically adjusts in real-time as the person moves, ensuring accurate tracking of body movements.

Motion Capture technology mak

VR MedicalSIM integrates motion capture technology for both real-time and post-processing motion capturing to enhance medical simulation training. This approach aims to create realistic, human-like animations and facilitate real-time remote psychomotor skills and soft skills training.

What is Motion Capture?

Captury is a unique solution for markerless motion tracking

This makes it possible to track multiple participants in real-time, without markers, full-body, finger tracking and even innovative facial tracking is possible; all in a single interface.

This accessibility and flexibility is transforming the XR simulation, entertainment and science industries and revolutionizing the way motion capture is used.


The motion capture software from Captury is made to be adaptable, offering a range of options to suit different requirements. Our software uses a universal algorithm that produces motion tracking results that are unmatched.

Captury Live

All-in-one solution for professional real-time motion capture, capable of tracking full body, fingers, and facial expressions.

Captury INgame

CapturyInGame is a customized motion capture solution designed to track athletes in real-time during actual in-game situations, whether they are on the court or on the field.

captury face

Captury face tracking solutions are offered as an add-on to our full-body tracking solutions, CapturyLive or CapturyStudio, or as a stand-alone version.

Captury studio

CapturyStudio is a software solution that uses computer vision and motion capture technology to analyze video images and extract data on human movement. It can be used with cameras directly connected to a computer or with previously recorded videos that are uploaded to the software.

captury dome

CapturyDome is a 3D volumetric scanner that reconstructs models of the real world in motion from camera data. It produces realistic volumetric images of the captured subjects, highly realistic digital clones.

Markerless Motion Capture Outsourcing

VR MedicalSIM: Revolutionizing Markerless Motion Capture Outsourcing

Welcome to VR MedicalSIM, where innovation meets excellence in markerless motion capture outsourcing. Our cutting-edge concept leverages advanced technology and our state-of-the-art mocap studio to deliver high-quality motion capture services.


Markerless Motion Capture Excellence

VR MedicalSIM employs markerless motion capture technology, ensuring precision and realism in capturing 3D human body movements. This technology sets us apart in delivering lifelike animations for various applications.

In-House Mocap Studio

Our dedicated mocap studio, equipped with the latest tools and technologies, allows us to control the entire motion capture process. This ensures a streamlined workflow, resulting in efficient and accurate data capture.

Scalability with VR Integration

Embrace the future of motion capture with seamless integration into Virtual Reality (VR) environments. VR MedicalSIM's services are scalable, catering to diverse needs in research, sports, clinical applications, and beyond.

Quality Motion Capture, Affordable Outsourcing


Design and Storyboard

The process begins with meticulous design and storyboarding, outlining the visual and narrative aspects of the motion capture project.



Expert directors oversee the live-action capture, ensuring that performances align with the creative vision and technical requirements.


Live Actors

Skilled actors bring characters to life through motion capture, translating performances into digital data for 3D character animation.


Post Processing

After capturing the live performances, the data undergoes thorough post-processing, refining and enhancing the motion to achieve the desired quality.

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