Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR) is the technique that blurs the boundary between the physical world and the virtual world.​

Blending the real with the virtual
Mixed reality (MR) (also called Extended Reality (XR) means merging virtual content with the real world in an interactive, immersive way.

Benefits and features

Mixed Reality

The future of medical education is now

Join the future

This form of simulation education has become very innovative and possible very recently.

Below a number of pilot simulation training courses

The big difference with regular simulations in Virtual Reality is the use of Chroma Key, this means that only the green color (Chroma Key) is 'projected' Virtual Reality

The future is now

Although the development of this form of simulation education is fairly recent, technological developments have already progressed so far that this form of simulation training is currently guaranteed to be possible.

We are currently working on developing simulation training with these unique high-quality techniques, stay informed and/or participate? Please contact us

Seeing is believing
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