Markerless Motion Capture technology

Meet the future of Motion Capture (MoCap)

Immerse yourself in the future of medical simulation with VR MedicalSIM’s cutting-edge markerless Markerless Motion Capture (M-MoCap) technology. Our solutions revolutionize medical training by providing realistic and precise full-body motion tracking, enhancing the immersive experience for healthcare professionals.

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Markerless Motion Capture technology

Markerless Motion Capture (M-MoCap) is a technology that enables the tracking and analysis of human movement without the need for physical markers placed on the subject. 

 This innovative approach eliminates the constraints associated with traditional marker-based systems. Instead, markerless motion capture relies on advanced computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and sophisticated camera systems to accurately capture and interpret movement.

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Discover a new dimension in medical simulation with VR MedicalSIM’s Markerless Motion Capture (M-MoCap) technology. Transform training, enhance skills, and prepare (tactical) healthcare professionals for the challenges of tomorrow.

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